I’m a Research Scientist at Facebook, USA (Stories Team).

I’ve had pleasure working with following talented interns:

Grace Cao (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, current intern)

Tina Lee (Northeastern, got full-time offer)

Cherie Ruan (University of Washington, got full-time offer)

Ellen Wang (University of Waterloo, got full-time offer)

Taylor Jean-Jacques (Princeton, got return intern offer)

Maya Jeyendran (Yale, got return intern offer)

Alex Madera (UC Riverside, got return intern offer)

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the College of William and Mary (Why?) where I worked with Prof. Gang Zhou.

My smart and beautiful wife completed her Master’s degree in Bioengineering, and joined Stanford Medicine full time! She works on manufacturing cells to help cure patients with leukemia and lymphoma at Stanford hospital in clinical trials. Her research towards better cancer treatment was featured on front page of SCU.